Northern California Wedding Venue | DIY Farmhouse Curtains

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There are so many ways to style your home. It’s narrowing down the options that’s the difficult part.  We have a few favorites…what are we kidding, we have a lot of favorites. 

But the one that always catches our eye is an elegant farmhouse style living room, or rustic kitchen! We found a super simple way to add a little rustic gorgeousness to your life, and living space! 

What you’ll need:

  • Hooks 

  • 2 ½ inch wood screws

  • Old Barnwood

  • Our beautiful white drapery panels

  • Drill 

You can really take your own creative spin on this, and have a lot of room for what you what you want to add. Flowers, fairy lights, you name it. Have some fun with it!

-Space out the hooks on the board that you choose. Make sure they are even, otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of laughing at yourself in the future!

-Once you have spaced them to your liking…it’s time to start drilling! Drill, drill, drill, and then bam! After adding the drapery panels. You did it! The perfect and most simple accent to create the perfect farmhouse vibe. 

Try this out and let us know how it goes!

The Willow Farm

Northern California Wedding Venue | Snow Covered Pinecones

DIY Snow Covered Pine Cones

It’s December, which means everything Christmas! This time of year calls for everything cozy, warm, and twinkly! 

We decided to bust out the Christmas Decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we wanted to throw a couple DIY creations into the tradition mix. If for any other reason than for bragging rights and to show off our creation to house guests! 

One craft we found that was super simple and fun, are snow covered pine cones!
Not ridiculously messy and super simple to finish. 

What you’ll need: 

-A bag of pine cones—go to any craft store this time of year and you’ll see them

-Fake Snow—craft store

-Mod Podge 

-2 Paper Plates 

Pour a good amount of Mod Podge onto a paper plate and then pour a generous amount of fake snow onto the other plate. Take your pine cone and dip it into the mod podge to cover the bottom half of the pine cone. Then dip the glued part of the pine cone into the fake snow! 

Let dry and then shake off access loose snow from the pine cones. 

Add them to the middle of your dining room table or coffee table, and then add a touch of eucalyptus greenery to the mix to make for an elegant, Christmassy centerpiece!

It’s simple as that! Have fun and enjoy this little craft!🎄

-The Willow Farm

Northern California Wedding Venue | Simple Crafts For The Holiday Season

Do you love fall? The changing of the leaves, the vibrant colors—everything about this season warms our hearts and makes us a little crafty! 

Every home deserves to be spruced up with a few autumn crafts, and we absolutely adore searching for the perfect one that’s not too much but also makes for the perfect decoration for the this beautiful season. So grab a cup of hot cocoa with some yummy marshmallows and scroll down to see how to make these adorable decorations!

One of our favorites are Yarn Pumpkins!

These little things are the easiest to make while also using only few things that you mostly likely already have in your closet. 

What you’ll need: 


Green pipe cleaners 

Orange or white yarn

TWIGYposts - fall stock photos-9.jpg

The first thing you’re going to do is make a pompom out of the yarn. The easiest way to do this (if you don’t have a pompom maker) is to take the yarn and wrap it around four of your fingers and tie it off in the middle. Once you do that you will want to fan it out to make a circle (or a pumpkin ;) 

TWIGYposts - fall stock photos-10.jpg

Yay! Your pumpkin is almost finished. Now, take one of the green pipe cleaners and cut it to make a 2 inch piece. Take this piece and loop it through the middle of your pumpkin while also curling it to add a little for flair—there’s your stem!

You can either make a bunch of these little pumpkins and string them together to put above your fireplace or make a few and add them to the enter of your dining table. Either way they will look perfect in your home for the autumn holidays! 

We hope you had as much fun as we did making these! 


Northern California Wedding Venue | Wedding Season in the Heat

As a venue, we understand that it can get overwhelmingly hot, and trust us, we WISH we could control the temperature! Let's chat about how you can avoid the heat at an outdoor wedding; whether you're attending as a guest, a vendor, or the bridal party!

Be prepared.
Being prepared for the heat is our NUMBER ONE tip for being able to deal with it without getting a heat stroke, or getting completely grumpy. What do we mean by "prepared"? This means, bring lots of water for either yourself and your bridal party, or if you're a vendor, ensuring that you and your team have enough as well. Obviously, having dispensers of water and bottles in iced galvanized troughs help to keep your guests happy as well! Another tip to be prepared is to bring a fan and/or an umbrella. This will keep you cool and out of the sun! Thankfully during the summer months, our gorgeous farm house blocks the sun from the backyard where we usually hold our events, so an umbrella isn't completely necessary!

Book your event accordingly.
We understand that venues book up quickly during the spring and fall months, but it is something to think about when you are looking to book your venue. This is definitely for our brides checking out our blog; choose a month that in the past has been warm, but not sweltering hot. Your guests, your bridal party, and your vendors will thank you!

Stay positive.
We know, this is easier said than done when it is 113 degrees outside, but unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the heat! We highly recommend a tent, or even a few pop up tents, if you are getting married in an outside environment. This will block the sun, and actually allow the space to get substantially cooler. As we mentioned previously, our farm house does a really great job at giving the reception/ceremony location a lot of shade after 6 PM.

The heat is inevitable during these summer months, so be proactive and use our tips while finding the venue of your dreams! 

Don't forget to follow us on social media, and give us a call today to book your walkthrough!

The Willow Farm

Northern California Wedding Venue | Why Choose The Willow Farm?

You see weddings everywhere these days. From wineries, to big properties with extravagant houses.. But do you see many willow trees peaking in to say hello to all of the guests attending? 

Not to be biased, but we adore a simple, yet luxurious wedding on a farm. From the gorgeous views, to the destination feel, The Willow Farm has a lot to offer for our couples to have an incredible and memorable day! 

Here are a few reasons why The Willow Farm should be your venue for your special day!

When you come for your walkthrough, you will notice how many different areas are available for you and your significant other to say "I do." Want to rock the new pair of heels you bought for the big day? The ceremony on our beautiful cement patio is for you! Want one of our several Willow Trees to be your back drop? Our beautiful garden is the perfect location for you. 

Our spacious venue has so many unique characteristics that will impress your guests coming from near or far! We take pride in considering our intimate farm as the perfect destination spot for all of your guests. We have acres and acres of land that is available for YOUR use! 

See you soon,

The Willow Farm

Northern California Wedding Venue | The Willow Farm

What Is The Willow Farm?

Are you here because you're recently engaged? Are you looking for a new spot to hold weekly or monthly meetings with your team? Don't look any further! We may be the perfect place for you...



Feel the brisk breeze on your skin, or the delightful smell of roses scattered around the farm... it's paradise. Our goal is to provide a beautiful and versatile space that will create a tranquil setting for your big day. Here at the farm, we strive to work creatively with you to ensure that your vision comes to life. At our facility we have several manicured ground spaces and lawns, multiple cemented patios, indoor space for small parties, food preparation, storage and more! Not to mention.... we have AMPLE parking space for all of your guests! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call or email us to book your walk through today!

Meetings, Birthdays, & MORE!

Is your little one turning the BIG ONE?! Or, is grandpa turning 90? Whether it is a birthday party a family reunion, or a meeting for your team, we have the space for you! As we mentioned above, we have ample parking for your company or family, and accommodations that will make everyone comfortable!

Let's get together and chat about how we can accommodate the next event you have in mind. We cannot wait to hear from you!

The Willow Farm